Picture of Espoir 842

Espoir 842

Brand: eSpoir
Picture of Espoir 842
Espoir 842

More informations
When you need more informations about product and order you can contact us
Tel. 02-450-1433 Fax. 02-450-1434 Mobile 081 - 752-1213 or via E-mail. : info.micontact @ gmail.com.

You can choose bank transfer as follows :
Account Name : Mr. Young Won Kim
Type: Savings
1. Bangkok Bank 195-455765-6 (Branch:Ratchada Road - Intersection Sathupradit)
2. K Bank 619-2-17291-6 (Branch:Big C Rama 2)
3. SCB Bank 295-201466-0 (Branch:SV City tower)
After you transfer payment and send sms 081-752-1213 or call 02-450-1433.

1. Delivery fee depends on your order price. In case you order price is more than 1000baht delivery fee will be free but in case less than 1000baht you must pay delivery fee(50baht/30baht).
2. We delivery your product by post office as soon as confirm your payment.
3. You can recieve the product in 1-5days according to chosen delivery way. (EMS 1-2days, Registration 3-5days, except Saturday and Sunday)